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Bacterial Endotoxins in Water

Bacterial Endotoxins Raw water always contains Bacteria and Bacterial endotoxins that exists in a dynamic state. Dynamic state means the bacterial count is always variable, depending on environmental conditions controlling the rate of growth, bacteria will continually proliferate, while other...
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Microorganisms in Water

Microorganisms Raw water is contaminated with numerous microorganisms. Microorganisms can include viable bacteria, nonviable bacteria, slime, algae, viruses, and cysts. Measured bacterial levels in raw water supplies are significantly affected by the enumeration culture media. A heterotrophic plate count, as...
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Impurities in raw water - Ultra Pure Water

Impurities in raw water To discuss the various unit operations configured in a water purification system we need to know impurities present in raw water. The nature, type, and concentration of various impurities should define the water purification system. Definition...
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