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Residual Disinfectant in Water

Residual Disinfectant in Water Residual disinfectant in water will be present in raw water supplies from a surface source or groundwater source influenced by a surface source. The U.S. EPA Ground Water Rule (GWR) (U.S. EPA, 2006a) requires community water...
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Dissolved Gases in Raw Water

Dissolved Gases Dissolved gases are considered to be impurities and these are of two types wiz Non-reactive gases and Reactive gases. Non-reactive Gases: Nonreactive gases are dissolved gases, such as oxygen and nitrogen, that do not react with water to...
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Impurities in raw water - Ultra Pure Water

Impurities in raw water To discuss the various unit operations configured in a water purification system we need to know impurities present in raw water. The nature, type, and concentration of various impurities should define the water purification system. Definition...
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